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Casinodays User Agreement

Casinodays User Agreement

These Terms of Use, on the one hand,casinodays-online.comdefines the procedures and rules of the relationship between the owner of the site and the other site users.

"' site has nothing to do with the media.

If you use the Site, you automatically agree to all of the Site's rules and these Terms of Use.

If you do not agree to these Terms of Use,casinodays-online.commust leave the site.

Rights and Obligations of Parties

Users have rights:

  • Search for information on the site.
  • Receive information on the site.
  • Read and comment on material posted on the site.

Government has the right:

  • Create, modify, or cancel site rules at your discretion or as needed.
  • Block access to the Site or its sections or information.
  • Create, edit, or delete content at any time.
  • Block and delete all accounts.
  • Prohibit registration on the site without stating the reason.

Users have obligations:

  • If you change the personal data you specified when creating your account, we will update it in your profile immediately.
  • don't promote war
  • Do not incite racial, religious or ethnic hatred.
  • Do not distribute information for which liability is established under criminal law.
  • Create only one account. Users are prohibited from creating multiple accounts for the same person.
  • Don't mislead other users
  • Never give out your username, password, or account to anyone else.
  • Please register your own account. Creating an account on behalf of or on behalf of another person is prohibited.
  • Do not post erotic, pornographic, extremist, or other material
  • Do not create or use any software (programs, scripts) to collect (and/or analyze) information from the Site and its services.

The government undertakes:

  • The Site shall be in good working order at all times, except when it is beyond the control of the Administration.

Parties Responsibilities:

  • Each user is solely responsible for the content and information they distribute on the site.
  • The administrator is not responsible if the service actually received by the user does not match the user's expectations.
  • The Administration is not responsible for services provided by third parties.

Terms of this Agreement

This contract” applies to your use of the site. Actions are paused when the new version of the site is launched. The Administration reserves the right to change the Terms of Use at its sole discretion without notice to the User at any time.