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What are cookies?

our websiteA cookie will appear on your smartphone, tablet or computer when you visit. This is standard procedure at any site. We explain what information we collect, how we use it, and why it may be important to save cookies. Learn how to avoid storing cookies. However, it may interfere with the operation of some functions of this site.

How we use cookies

We recommend that you leave all cookies in order for all elements of the site to function perfectly. In most cases, there is no way to disable cookies while maintaining full functionality.

Prohibit the use of cookies

How can I disable cookies? You can do this directly in your browser's settings (information about this can be found in your browser's help). We do not recommend disabling website cookies. Disabling it can significantly reduce the quality of your work.

What kind of cookies do we collect?

account file

Cookies are saved when you create an account. They help you manage your account registration and site administration. These cookies are deleted after you log out, but you may be able to save them to save your preferences.

third party files

our websiteWhich cookies can other users track?

They are created by the system of metrics and counters. These cookies allow us to evaluate the quality and frequency of use of our website. With their help, you can create interesting content. These cookies let us know which pages you visit, how much time you spend on them, etc. This is necessary to improve the quality of our content and site.

Additional Information

In this way, cookies help us make our site better and more interesting. If you are not sure how refusal of cookies affects your browser's behavior, we recommend that you keep cookies enabled. In this case, you interact with every function of the Site as efficiently as possible.